In accordance with Article 13 of the legally binding Decree No. 196 of June 30th, 2003 we hereby give notice that Paul Grüner will process the personal data of guests and suppliers, as well as of persons who intentionally convey their particulars to the house or the management (either verbally, by means of a business card, by fax, by e-mail or via the website). Our company guarantees, in accordance with the context of the legal requirements, that personal data will be handled in consideration of the basic rights and civil liberties as well as in consideration of the dignity of the parties involved, with particular respect for the privacy, personal identity and the right to protection of personal data.

Aims and intentions of data handling

  • Performance of legal obligations, obligations due to ordinances, common norms as well as civil and tax law.
  • Performance of possible contractual obligations for the parties involved.
  • Performance of activities concerning the economic activities of our company such as maintaining inhouse statistics, issuing invoices as well as bookkeeping.
  • Business purposes such as the mailing of business information and promotion materials (by post, fax and e-mail), marketing and marketing analysis.

Handling payment requests and liabilities management

Regarding the above cited purposes, your personal data will be forwarded to the following if required: 

  • To public administrations and authorities if legally ordered.
  • To financial insitutions with whom we have business relationships for the purpose of managing payment requests/liabilities and procuring financing.
  • To all natural and/or legal persons (lawyers, administration and tax consultant offices, courts, chambers of commerce etc.), provided that the forwarding is necessary or appropriate for our business activities as well as for the respected purposes and in the manner as described above.


The personal data processed by our company will not be distributed.

Implementation of data processing

The data processing can be with or without the help of electronic means, in any case by automatic means and contains all processes intended by article 4, paragraph 1, letter A of the legally binding decree no. 196 of June 30th, 2003 and required for the respective data processing. 
In either case the data processing will be in compliance with all security measures to assure the safety and privacy of the data.

Rights of the parties involved

The Data Protection Act assigns the involved parties the possibility to execute certain rights according to article 7. In detail they have the right to know what personal data the holder possesses on them and to be informed whether there is data existing on them, even if the data is not yet stored, and to be informed in a comprehensible way about particulars regarding the data; its origin, cause and aim for its processing, as well as details about the holder and person in charge of the processing and persons and categories of persons to whom the data might be released. The involved parties have the right to confirm and control, to correct and complete their data, to request for the erasure or blocking of the data or the transformation into anonymus data in the event that the processing violates the legal regulation. With justifiable reason they have the right to defy the processing completely or partially, as well as to call for the erasure or blocking of the data or the transformation into anonymus data; and without justifiable reasons, if data is used for the purpose of business information, the mailing of promotion materials, direct sale, market analysis and opinion research. The rights can be asserted by the involved parties or a person assigned by them via request to the person in charge Mr. Paul Grüner - Karthaus 29 - I-39020 Schnalstal - South Tyrol / Italy) by mail.

The holder of the data handling is

Paul Grüner - Karthaus 29 - I-39020 Schnalstal - Italy.

Paul Grüner reserves the right to alter or supplement this Privacy Policy at any time, particularly in case of amendments in legislation or new regulations in this regard.